One central inventory and order management system

For all your brands across all regions

You don’t need to shell out for expensive inventory management systems. Ventmere’s services include access to our easy-to-use, proprietary S2 software

An easily searchable database that allows you to:

Filter information by brand and region

Track inventory for each individual warehouse on a product-by-product basis

Transfer products easily from one warehouse to another or from warehouse to store with the click of a button

Track pending warehouse shipments to each of your regional stores

Track product, inventory and purchase history on a product-by-product basis, along with monthly sales reporting

Track each warehouse based on their function and status: ie. drop shipper, fulfillment center, RMA center, etc.

Export information in excel format for easy viewing and sharing

Fulfill orders quickly and easily

Features integration with most major sellers and payment system, including:

Our system is designed so that much of the content can be created and altered with no coding knowledge required. While we will always be on hand to offer you the best support, you’ll find that it’s easy for your team to make the changes you want when you want them.

Manage all the minutiae of the fulfillment process, including purchasing shipping labels